Полоцкий государственный университет


Study programme:

Master students study state, corporate and enterprise finances; interconnection of various elements of a financial system; mechanism of financial interconnection of state, social and corporate finances and their structure; flow of funds and circulation of capital; elements of money-and-credit system; currency in economics; objectives for money-and-credit system operation; notions of hypothesis, theorem, methods and mathematical model making the basis for academic research in the field of finance, currency and credit.

Academic degree: MA in Economics

Graduates work in:

  • State and local governing bodies
  • Organizations (enterprises) of all types of property and activity
  • Bank and insurance companies
  • Higher and professional educational institutions
  • Department of Financial Investigation
  • Custom Offices
  • Ministry of Taxes and Duties of the Republic of Belarus
  • Scientific and research and project and design institutions



  • Econometrics (Advanced)
  • Finances of external economic activity
  • Financing management
  • Financial market
  • International finances


  • Monetary management
  • Urgent politics of financial politics


Department of Finance and Trade Economics
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