Полоцкий государственный университет


On September 1-3, 2017, Polotsk as a heart of Belarusian history celebrated three important dates – 500 years of Belarusian book printing, the 1155th birthday of Polotsk and, of course, Belarusian Written Language Day. It was the third time when Polotsk hosted Written Language Day. The organizers prepared more than 100 events, many surprises for Polotsk residents and its guests – Belarusian and foreign writers, publishers, representatives of culture and art. Polotsk State University also took an active part in all the celebrations dedicated to three most significant and important dates in Belarusian history and culture.

The festive program opened on September 1 at the solemn meeting dedicated to Knowledge Day with the participation of local administration, teachers and pupils. Then residents and guests of the ancient city could have a look at various projects inseparably linked with literature and theatrical art devoted to a great philosopher-humanist and writer Francysk Skaryna.

For those who were interested in a historical reconstruction the festival of Medieval culture «Rubon» was carried out. Teachers of Humanities Faculty at PSU also took part in this event.

One more memorable event of the first day for our university was an awarding ceremony of the honoured student theatre «ART» who won the main prize of the prestigious international festival «Theatrical days at lake Constance – 2017». Friedrichshafen burgomaster (also a head of its delegation) Andreas Kester presented the prize to its winners.

The awarding ceremony of the honoured student theatre «ART»

On September 2 the solemn opening of the Belarusian Written Language Day was carried out with the participation of best art masters in our country. The city turned into a vivacious modern capital with its ancient roots and rich traditions. The theatrical parade, dedicated to three major events in Polotsk region, opened the second day of the celebration with the participation of PSU delegation – university administration, academic staff, faculties’ administration, Young Researchers Council, representatives of the student union and student labour detachments.

Representatives of the student union

Academic staff of the University

Student labour detachments

On that day the international workshop among Belarusian and foreign writers «A word diplomacy: Francysk Skaryna in the Global Humanitarian Space», a scientific and practical conference «Polotsk readings», hosted at PSU, were carried out.

The scientific and practical conference «Polotsk readings»

The final day of the celebration, September 3, was also full of many interesting events – a book and press festival, a solemn opening of the monument «Polotsk is the cradle of Belarusian statehood» and the presentation of a unique cultural project «Three Sophias: Sophia of Kyiv, Sophia of Novgorod, Sophia of Polotsk»

The key moments of the final day were connected with a memorable stamp dedicated to the Belarusian Written Language Day in Polotsk, also a ceremony to pass the torch of Belarusian Written Language Day to the town Ivanovo (Brest Region).

At the main stage in Polotsk the winners of the National Literature Award were announced, and the concert «Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs» finished the whole celebration.