Полоцкий государственный университет


Traditional Knowledge Week at Polotsk State University is over. For a month first-year students have met with their supervisors, group mates, had excursions around the university campuses and rooms, found new friends, felt the atmosphere of the study process and creative activities, but also have become members of the united and friendly student union of PSU.

On September 1, on Knowledge Day, the first-year students took part in one of the most important and memorable events – the ceremony «Students Initiation» that opened the doors into unforgettable and exciting student world.

The ceremony «Students Initiation»

During the first days of studying our new students had orientation excursions provided by PSU student services. The excursion program included the acquaintance with the academic staff and their student groups, also with university campuses located on Polotsk, Novopolotsk and Mezhdurechye.

The campus in Polotsk

On September 7, our first-year students, representing different Faculties, gathered to take part in a festive dancing and entertaining program «Be with us!» carried out in Polotsk.

On September 21, the students participated in one more important event – the concert-presentation dedicated to the presentation of student creative groups, studios and sections of Polotsk State University.


There were presented the following creative activities:

a pop-dance studio Zhemchuzhyna;

A pop-dance studio Zhemchuzhyna

an honoured student theatre ART;

The student theatre ART

a singing studio Nastroyeniye;

A singing studio Nastroyeniye

a modern dance studio TORYDANCE;

A modern dance studio TORYDANCE

an intellectual club Rubon;

a Rubik’s cube club KubON;

A Rubik’s cube club KubON

This year two new projects have started functioning at PSU – a folk dance studio and a choir studio. The folk dance studio is aimed at studying the folk dance culture, mastering a technique and combining it with modern musical arrangements.

a folk dance studio

Invitation to creative teams

Apart from creative activities Polotsk State University helps to develop different sports directions. PSU has modern sports halls and sections, gyms, halls for aerobics. The Sports Club at PSU is waiting for students.

The Knowledge Week was ended up with its final event – the intellectual café for first-year students «A way to diploma. The beginning» that was held on September 28.

The intellectual café «A way to diploma. The beginning»

The event, where 8 Faculties participated, was carried out by the Primary Organization «Belarusian Republican Youth Union» at PSU.

Faculty of Finance

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Faculty of Law

Faculty of information technologies

Faculty of Radio Engineering

Winners of an intelligent cafe

We wish our first-year students a lot of success in their beginnings!

Reach your goals and be proud of being a student of Polotsk State University!