Полоцкий государственный университет


April 5, 2018 was marked with a second stage of the review competition «The best students group» at Polotsk State University. The competition included two stages. The first stage is a competitive groups monitoring. A particular students group presented their research results which were consecrated to the most pressing students problems and their solutions.

All the participants turned to be tremendously creative and diligent considering concepts and ideas development. Although, they showed their ability to be a trusted member of a team and to successfully present and defend developed projects.

The best students group 2018

The judging panel evaluating students work included:

  • Maksim Moshtyl, Secretary Executive of the Primary Organization «Belarusian Republican Youth Association»
  • Svetlana Volochnik, Chairman of PSU Students Trade Union
  • Irina Kechko, Head of Social and Information Technologies and Services Department
  • Yury Golubev, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs
  • Pavel Kovalenko, Chairman of the judging panel, Vice-Rector for Education

The first one to present the project was the group from the Faculty of Information Technologies.

Their project was connected to the invention of the mobile application «PSU StudHelper». The main task of the app is to care for students’ integration into the university and city atmosphere. Therefore, the application will provide a possibility to quicker adaptation and integration into both a study process and unfamiliar environment with the information support being always available.

The students of the Faculty of Law were the second to tender their «University DEMO version» program. The idea that is placed inside aims at providing school children with a chance to be and act as a university student. Besides, the project may be considered as one of the top approaches to career guidance at the University.

Faculty of Law group

The group from the Faculty of Humanities showed their voluntary project «The world without obstacles» referring to help people with special needs through their participation in tourist activities. The guys also explained the possible ways of the project realization.

Faculty of Humanities students

The students of the Radio Engineering Faculty presented «PSU Journal» mobile application for Android and iOS. The application will assist with a current curriculum, its changes and forthcoming events. PSU news and events notification included.

The project by the students’ the Radio Engineering Faculty

The following participators were the students of the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology. Their project was entitled as «Modern information technologies implementation for PSU». The guys offered to fix information stands which are going to serve as an additional information transfer between Dean`s Offices, administration at the University and public organizations and students.

Later one more program directed to create a leisure-time and relaxation room was offered by the students of Faculty of Civil Engineering. The Room itself will comprise a miniature cinema hall, book crossing and board games club. The authors state that such a kind of place will preserve a favoured microclimate and bring psychological therapy.

The project by the students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering

The final project was the work of the Faculty of Finance and Economics headlined as «Creation of students business centre». There you might get not only an opportunity to work while studying but to receive a position.

Faculty of Finance and Economics students