Полоцкий государственный университет


The golden anniversary of Polotsk State University is a long-awaited event for our students and graduates, academicians and university staff, friends and partners of the university, citizens from Polotsk and Novopolotsk. Fifty years ago Polotsk State University – a successor of glorious educational traditions in Polotsk, a huge scientific and educational, cultural centre of our country – started its unique history!

This spring has been special for the history of our university. Many bright and unforgettable anniversary events have become significant this academic year.

The solemn award ceremony of the University Certificates of Honour to the academicians and the university staff opened the festive week of the celebration on May 21.

The solemn award ceremony

On May 22 the opening of the exposition of the Museum of Science and Education in Polotsk «PSU – educational, scientific, cultural centre of the region» was held.

Tamara Grudnitskaya and Dmitry Lazovsky

Rector of PSU left his signature

That day Yury Golubev, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor held a solemn award ceremony for participants of the Essay Competition among first-year students, having announced the long-awaited results of the competition.

Yury Golubev and one of the winners

During the day all the recreation zones were represented by the photo-exhibition “My Faculty in the university history” – photos of memorable events, unforgettable meetings, people, interesting and favourite places, connected with alma mater. Everyone has had an opportunity to share the warmest memories and emotions, also many reasons to greet each other during the university anniversary!

The solemn ceremony of the special award “Krynitsa vedau” has become one of the central and long-awaited events of the whole celebration.

The cups of the «Krynitsa vedau»

Rector of Polotsk State University

The festive evening with our veterans of labour, who had made a significant contribution to the development of the university history, was the final point of that day.

The festive evening with veterans of labour

The festive meeting

May 23 was a remarkable day for PSU, when Polotsk campus hosted a lot of bright events and greeted all guests. The solemn meeting of the University Council took place at the concert hall in Polotsk. The rector of Polotsk State University awarded our best academicians, university staff and honoured veterans of labour at PSU. This anniversary year has started one more tradition – the solemn award ceremony of the honoured badge “For Merit to Polotsk State University”.

The University Council

One more important and significant event in the history of our university was the opening ceremony of the historical object “Rector’s Entrance”.

The opening of the “Rector’s Entrance”


The doors

The festival of multicoloured umbrellas “Parason-fest” decorated the Polotsk campus with its brightness, beauty and wonderful spring mood. All the guests had an opportunity to take a photo in the unusual festive atmosphere and enjoy the celebration.

The festival of multicoloured umbrellas


Guests of the festival

That evening our Novopolotsk square hosted the festive programme “Vivat, University!” that included a wide range of activities: an athletic relay, students’ bicycle and motor races, a flash mob and an unforgettable disco party “Happy Birthday, University!”. This year Teo, a Belarusian singer and representative from our country at Eurovision Song Contest 2014, and also Olga Ryzhykova – a Belarusian TV host – greeted the university with its birthday. The amazing fireworks ended up one more festive and memorable day for PSU!

Vivat, University!


On May 24 the festive anniversary evening, dedicated to the 50th birthday of PSU, gathered our friendly university team, honoured guests of our city and the whole country, graduates and friends of PSU. That solemn and festive day Polotsk State University received greetings and warm wishes. Wonderful and amazing performances, presented by talented students and people of our university and the city, have become one more festive mark for the university.

The anniversary evening

Nikolai Kamenkov

The final song

During the whole week our students had a chance to participate in different activities: «Festive credit», carried out at all the Faculties, and «Festive dinner – happy student!» when every student could get a free, tasty and healthy dinner.

On May 25, III University tourist festival of Young Researchers took place at the educational and scientific base of Polotsk State University. The festival has finished all the anniversary events within the framework of the 50th anniversary of Polotsk State University.

The sports competition

III University tourist festival

Today PSU has opened one more page of its history – new events, new faces, new directions and new goals!

Dear University, we wish you prosperity, success, new grand plans and creative ideas!

Happy anniversary, Polotsk State University!