Полоцкий государственный университет


On September, 19 2016 master students of Civil engineering faculty Oleg Stroganov, Vladislav Leonovich and Alexander Belosov started their studying at Polytechnical Institute of Leiria (Portugal). The study process takes 1 semester and it is organized within the joint specialist preparation of the second degree of higher education. The students will be awarded with two official Master diplomas issued by two higher educational establishments. This cooperation became possible due to the participation of Civil Engineering faculty in the international RETHINKe TEMPUS project.

Institute of Leiria

master students

Together with the students the dean of Civil Engineering faculty Alexander A. Bakatovich and vice dean Egor D. Lazovsky visited Polytechnic Institute of Leiria. They are Master coordinators of the project from Polotsk State University.

A.A. Bakatovich: «During our visit to Leiria we’ve met with vice-rector of Polytechnical Institute of Leiria Rui Pedrosa, the director of the School of Technology and Management Pedro Martinho and vice dean Nuno Rodrigues. The possible ways of further cooperation between our educational establishments were discussed.

The cooperation PSU and PIL

Visit of master students

The meeting of working group also was carried out with project’s coordinators where organizational and study questions, research directions within master dissertation of our master students were discussed.

The meeting of working group

We’ve got acquainted with study and research base of the School of Technology and Management, visited Scientific and Research Centre of Stable Development.

Visiting of Scientific and Research Centre

Introduction to study and research base

At the factory

The visit to Leiria was very informative and full of different events. But the most important thing is that our master students are already studying in Portugal!».