Полоцкий государственный университет



Head of the Department - Sergey Boslovyak

Telephone: +375 (214) 53 50 79 or 53 17 32

Address: 29 Blokhin Street, 209, 214, Novopolotsk, Belarus, 211440

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Background information

Since 1995 the department trains future engineers on the programme ‘Design, Assembling, and Exploitation of Gas and Oil Pipelines’. The specialists will be able to work at enterprises and organisations dealing with transportation, storage, and distribution of oil and gas.

During the whole period of training the students will have to master the following disciplines:

  • Gas-turbine Installations
  • Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines
  • Hydromechanics and Aerodynamics
  • Hydraulic Actuator and Hydraulic Automatics
  • Protection in the Emergency Situations
  • Information Technologies in Pipeline Transport
  • Machines and Equipment of Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Workings of Liquids and Gases
  • Pumps and Ventilators
  • Theory of Oil and Gas Matter
  • Environmental Science
  • Design and Exploitation of Oil Storehouses
  • Industrial Security of Objects of Pipeline Transport
  • Radiation Security
  • Systems of Supply with Oil Products and Gas
  • Systems of Electrical and Chemical Security of Pipeline Transport
  • Construction of Pipelines
  • Technical Diagnostics of Pipelines
  • Pipe-line Transport and Gas Storage
  • Pipe-line Transportation of Oil and Oil Products
  • Quality Managing and Certification

All the lecturers have a profound research, lecturing, and industrial work experience. The Department also gets in some highly qualified specialists from different enterprises. For the post-graduates scientific supervision highly qualified professors are recruited from the Universities of Minsk and Moscow.

At the department all the facilities are created for the students’ successful performance. There is an IT study, local network (the Internet), and the system of educational television. With the help of these facilities the students can use different manuals, including electronic summaries of the lectures on different subjects.

The Department of Pipeline Transport, Water Supply and Hydraulics is the main founder of the International Ecological Symposium and the International Scientific Conference ‘Safety and Security of the Header Pipeline Transport’.