Полоцкий государственный университет


Dance Studio «Zhemchuzhina»


Background nformation

Emotions, passion, life… Dance is the existence of body and spirit, the impulse of soul. As Isadora Duncan said, “Dance is life”.

Dance studio was established in 2008. The group includes students from different faculties. They have the same desire to dance. First of all, it is energy, responsible approach to classes and discipline. All participants have an active and creative way of life and express their individuality in dancing. Dance compositions have become a bright decoration for the most significant events of the university. They are also known and loved on numerous city sites.

During this time the team has repeatedly participated in various festivals and competitions: The laureate of the regional creativity festival «Student Spring», a 3rd degree diploma of the Republican festival «Art-Vacations», the laureate of the 2nd degree of the Open festival «Palette of Creativity», the 1st place in the city competition «Novopolotsk is a city of talents», a 2nd degree diploma of the First International Student Slavic Forum.

Dance studio has presented about 15 its own performances each of which has its own style and uniqueness.

Valenki dance

Dance is a special form of self-expression. When a dance fills your soul, then you can become the person you want to be. While dancing, you can be a free bird showing a flight, a tigress which breaks free, or you can just forget everything and leave all problems behind. Don’t think about anything when your heart and soul lead you, when you have a lot of emotions and you want to express them in front of everybody, and your body begins to dance. This is actually the very feeling of freedom.

Spanish dance