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About us

Students` legal support serviceStudents` legal support service was created in 2002 as a part of Tempus-Tacis program «The formation of students` legal support services at PSU». The service aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practice.

The students of the Faculty of Law might be able to give advice and support and to deliver high standards of professional competence.

Nowadays Students` legal support service is an independent branch of Polotsk State University also being under the Rector`s direct control.

The students from the Faculty of Law are involved in the service support activities. Our service cannot be considered as a legal entity.

We provide expert advice direct to the public, including:

  • legal and information support which is also available for the University students and academic staff. This comprises free legal support and drafting.
  • numerous seminars and lectures for students from other faculties, school children and prisoners of Novopolotsk penal colony No. 9 (training class «Street law: Every day law»)
  • a wide range of training seminars for the students of the Faculty of Law
  • workshops, conferences and other events consecrated to clinical legal education and students` research activity development

The Students` legal support service is committed to provide free legal support considering civil, family, housing, labour and administrative law.

We do not deal with criminal and criminal procedure law cases. Further-more, we do not offer support people involved in the entrepreneurial activity.

Our service is advisory in its nature.

The Students` legal support stays inactive during the period of examinations and holidays.

We are open to collaboration and cooperation.

The Students` legal support service is committed:

  • to deliver high quality education methods and techniques for the students of the Faculty of Law
  • to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practice
  • to provide students with the bases of professional competence
  • to offer legal support and information direct to public
  • to keep people up to date with legal developments and to improve legal culture
  • to contribute to juridical science development

The Students` legal support members:

  • manager
  • supervisors (the Faculty lecturers)
  • consultant (3th-4th-year students)
  • assistant consultant (2nd-year students)

The Students` legal support comprises the following specialized training classes:

  • public office offering legal and information support
  • «Street law: Every day law»

The Students` legal support members may choose which class (or classes) to attend. Moreover, the members have an opportunity to improve their speech and writing competencies and skills, to learn how to provide the clients with the necessary legal information and to develop their organizational capacity to deliver high quality services.

Legal and information support is being provided under the Faculty lecturers` supervision. We guarantee free and confidential support and advice.

Chairman of Advisory Council is a governing body of The Students` legal support service. The Service general directions are controlled and guided by the manager. Further, the manager cooperates with different University branches and Law Clinics of the Republic of Belarus.

Besides, Students` legal support service works collaboratively with Public Centre of Legal Information of Novopolotsk Central Library System, Polotsk and Novopolotsk Executive Committees, Polotsk education institutions and Law Clinics of the Republic of Belarus.

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