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It is not the first time when Polotsk State University hosts this program’s scholars. Last year it was Nick Kosturos, this year – David Simmons.

Nick Kosturos and Sarah Urke

David Simmons

On April 12, 2017 one more lecturer visited our university within this program – professor Robert R. Weller from the Unites States of America. For two weeks the professor has carried out a course of lectures for students of Law Faculty, participated in scientific seminars and workshops within Regional educational, scientific and practical Juridical Centre.

Professor Robert Weller

Recent world tendencies, connected with globalization of economic relations, define the rising role of lawyers in this sphere. The lecture course «International business, trade and tax law», held by the professor Robert Weller, enabled the students of Law Faculty of Polotsk State University to get an idea about content of this direction and open new perspectives.

Robert R. Weller is not only a highly skilled practicing specialist in the field of international private law, but also has rich experience of teaching. High preparation quality and presentation of the material, dialogue with students during the lecture created a working atmosphere necessary for productive classes. The professor has pointed out that a modern lawyer, who works in the field of international business, is obliged to know the international private law, have an idea about traditions of running business in specific countries and take into account the peculiarities of their law system.

The Fulbright Program broadens cooperation with PSU

The students were also interested in considering judgment materials connected with real companies; had an opportunity to use a difficult vocabulary in the field of jurisprudence presented in English, to discuss relevant questions in the field of the international private law.