Полоцкий государственный университет


On April 13-26, 2017 a famous specialist in the field of international private and tax law, a practicing lawyer from the United States of America professor Robert R. Weller visited Law Faculty of Polotsk State University.

The comprehensive programme of the professor’s visit included a range of education, cultural and research events with the participation of students and academic staff of Law Faculty.

Harvard and Yale Law School graduate started the acquaintance with our university at the campus in Mezhdurechye. Students Roman Volkov and Polina Kovalchuk made an excursion in English for our guest who met the administration and academic staff of Law Faculty.

Acquaintance with Polotsk State University

Visit of the American professor Robert Weller

The professor Robert Weller held a lecture course for students-lawyers on international trade and tax law. He also paid attention to the peculiarities of international trade, legal restraint of international trade and international business environment.

A lecture course for students-lawyers

Students of Law Faculty together with teachers I.V. Shakhnovskaya and K.D. Savitskaya introduced Student Law Service and «Street Law: right on every day» to professor.

Robert Weller and participants of the direction «Street Law: right on every day»

Robert R. Weller took part in a range of research events of Law Faculty. On April 19 our American guest visited a workshop dedicated to teaching methods, content and quality of study programmes, methodology of scientific research. The professor told about the education process at Law Faculties at American universities, participated in the discussion of the peculiarities of preparation, study materials for students and also forms of control of their knowledge.

Workshop dedicated to teaching methods and quality of study programmes

On April 21 professor Weller took part in a workshop devoted to specialists’ preparation in the field of tax law, its actual problems. Our American guest also had an opportunity to share his rich practical experience in the sphere of jurisprudence with Master and PhD students, teachers of Law Faculty.

Professor’s visit included also excursion and cultural programme. He visited an organ music concert at Sophia Cathedral, Polotsk museums, Polotsk College, participated in the excursion in Mir Castle, Nesvizh.

Excursion in Nesvizh

The visit of the Professor R. Weller has become a remarkable event in Law Faculty life. Students and teachers got unique knowledge and priceless experience.