Полоцкий государственный университет


Nikolay Kamenkov, the graduate of the faculty of Geodesy of Polotsk State University, a soloist of the singing studio, became a finalist of the Republican youth vocal contest “New names of Belarus”!

This competition is one of the biggest events of Youth Year in the Republic of Belarus that has been held with the support of the Ministry of Culture and National State Teleradiocompany.

The creative vocalists’ competition under the motto “Discover new names together” gathered more than 4 thousand talented young people. The contest started on February, 16, and finished on May, 22.

The final of the competition “New names of Belarus”

Nikolay Kamenkov is the winner of “Origin of Knowledge” in the nomination “Talent of the Year – 2015” and also the participant of the contest “New names of Belarus”. The participation in such a competition can be regarded as a win. In the final Nikolay performed “Aria of Mister X”.

“Aria of Mister X” performed by Nikolay Kamenkov

Nikolay Kamenkov told about himself and shared his impressions about his participation in the contest.

The correspondent: Nikolay, how long do you attend singing lessons?

N. Kamenkov: I’ve started singing when I was at school. First I attended classes of Anna Strelchenko and then improved my vocal skills by myself.

The correspondent: Nikolay, can you share your impressions about the competition “New names of Belarus”?

N. Kamenkov: The competition was held at the high level! I couldn’t win but I’m mot disappointed because I’ve gained wide experience, found new friends. I have a huge portrait which has been painted during my performance. I think it will remind me about the participation in this contest.

The portrait painted during the performance

The correspondent: Who has helped you on the stage?

N. Kamenkov: The girl’s name is Svetlana Savchuk. She is a talented artist from Minsk. She works in different genres, paints wonderful portraits. She does a great job! By the way she’s become a semi-finalist of the national show “I can!”.

Nikolay Kamenkov and Svetlana Savchuk

The correspondent: Nikolay, this competition wasn’t the first for you.

N. Kamenkov: I’ve taken part in different competitions. Some of them were successful, the others were not. In 2012 I’ve won grand prize of the open festival in Mogilev. The year 2014 was more successful for me. I’ve won three contests in Belarus and Russia. Besides, I’ve gained wide experience during the casting in the popular Russian contest “The Voice” (Moscow).

The correspondent: Do you feel the support of the university in the process of your creative activity?

N. Kamenkov: Of course, I do! It’s nice to feel the support of university administration of PSU, students and friends. Our university has a perfect technical base which helps singers to do their great job.

The correspondent: Is it hard to combine the study and your creative activity?

N. Kamenkov: It isn’t difficult to combine the study and singing. All the lecturers could understand my ardour, and I’m very thankful them for that.

The correspondent: We know that you are the graduate of the faculty of Geodesy. Can you tell us about your future plans?

N. Kamenkov: I’m going to work in Vitebsk but I will continue to improve my vocal skills and aspire to new achievements!

The correspondent: Thank you very much, Nikolay! Wish you success in a musical creativity!

V. Kuklina, the correspondent