Полоцкий государственный университет



About the department

International Office was opened at Polotsk State University in 1997 for extending international partner relations and arranging inner processes which provide effective functioning and development of international activity of the university.

The department carries out comprehensive work aimed at the enhancing University reputation at international events, contributes to establishing contacts with international educational establishments and organizations and coordinates the participation of the university in international research, educational programmes and projects of international cooperation.

The main aim of the department work is development of internationalization in all fields of university activity educational, research and extracurricular.

Inner development vector is directed at the creation of favourable English-speaking environment and information support of international projects and university events for all directions of its activity.

The external vector is connected with enhancing university reputation as an international educational establishment in research, student and expert spheres, also Mass media and Internet.


1. Enhancing international partner connections and improving inner processes that provide effective functioning and development of international activity of the university.

2. Comprehensive work aimed at the enhancing University profile at international events, contacts with international educational institutes and organizations, also mass media and Internet.

3. Development of international educational programmes

4. Organization of hosting foreign citizens during their visit to University within strengthening educational, research and cultural relations

5. Development of academic mobility

6. Development of system integration mechanisms into university environment of international staff providing effective cross-cultural communication.